Radio F(ive)M

On June 18, we, the class 5m, also known as F(ive)M, took over Radio FREIRAD to present our own live radio show! The idea of doing this came up in February. In May, Geli, a member of the FREIRAD team, came to our school and started to work with us. She told us about the most important things for producing a radio show: how it is structured, how to use the recording devices, the importance of copyright, and much more.

In groups, we then started writing scripts for our own segments, recorded a self-created radio jingle and wrote and performed our own rap song about our passion, music. Moreover, we prepared and recorded interviews with teachers and musicians about the history of our school and about Jazz music. We also sent out groups of students to do street surveys about different topics.

On the day of our live show we went to the radio station of Radio FREIRAD. During a preparatory workshop with Geli we finalized our show. There were different tasks for us to do: Some were responsible for handling the technology, such as the computer, the mixer console and the microphones. Others were responsible for the time management by creating a time chart, a so called “Radio Uhr”. And of course, some of us also had to speak live on the show as radio presenters or during an interview. We were really nervous at first, but we were well prepared, so everything went smoothly! The show was a success!

The whole project was an amazing experience and we enjoyed being a part of it! It was a lot of work, but really fun! We want to thank Radio FREIRAD for making our own radio show possible! For those of you who didn’t manage to tune in while we were live – and for those who want to listen to it again – our show is stored in the cultural broadcasting archive and available via the following link: Thank you for listening and stay tuned!

Bericht: Julia Figl